Now open on Mondays!

We’ve decided to make the most of this summer by adding one more day to our week. This coming Monday will be our first Monday open! The following Monday we’ll be hosting Duane Andrews and Donald MacLennan to kick off Highland Games week. Time is flying!

YOU HAVE ONE LAST DAY TO ENTER YOUR NAME TO WIN A PAIR OF WEEKEND PASSES TO STANFEST!  Buy an order of mussels or a Mexican Pizza with a pint of any of our excellent NS draft beers, and you get to enter a ballot. We’ll be drawing at last call tonight….

THE SUNDAY ROAST Tonight Chef Buckley is preparing Bengali Roast chicken, which I think will pair beautifully with a Terry’s Best Bitter!

THE IRISH SESSION stats around 6:30 tonight. If you haven’t checked it out yet, don’t miss out on our favourite night of the week! All acoustic, traditional Irish music, in a very relaxed and casual setting.

Finally I want to mention a few exciting things happening in town that we’re involved with.

Looking for more local food?
Check out
You may have heard mention of the Local Food store project that grew out of VOICES Antigonish? Well, I’m very pleased to announce that the next step in that process is launching this week! As an interim step towards a brick and mortar store, we’re launching an online version. It works a lot like a CSA, except with a bite more flexibility, and sourcing from a group of local producers. The idea is, you order your local produce bag (sm, med, lg) by Sunday night, and drop by the CACL on Wednesday afternoon to pick it up! You can also add baked goods, local, honey, and maple syrup to your bag, and as we get going, we hope to add things like meat, cheese, eggs, and dry goods.

Check out our website for more information and to order yourself a bag! The first few weeks there will be a limited number of bags available, but we hope to gradually increase our capacity over the next few weeks. Please remember this is very much a work in progress – and a project organized by volunteers in cooperation with the CACL,  who are trying to support and promote local agriculture, and offer you better access to locally, sustainable produced food – we really appreciate your support and any feedback you can offer!

Kitchen Table Green Economics 
I’m also participating in a group project organized by Juliet Merrifield looking at the Antigonish economy and how we might make it more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. We’re looking at incredible examples of initiatives and research from other parts of the world, as well as getting to know our own local economy much better. So far, we’ve had visiting experts from the ecology Action Centre and the COADY join us to discuss what a “green economy” might mean in NS, explain the concept of value chains (as opposed to the traditional “supply” chain), and give us a much better picture of the state of the fisheries in NS.

We have taken a few field trips to see some of the exciting things already happening in this area. We checked out the Bethany Market Garden training program, where Michael Overmars and Sean Saunders are interning with organic gardening experts Jen and David Greenberg to learn how to start and run a sustainable market garden. We’ve checked out Seabright Market Gardens, and ShanDaph Oysters on Big Island.

This Saturday we hosted a session on food and agriculture at The Townhouse, and served a salad featuring greens from Michael Overmars, rhubarb and herbs from Seabright Gardens, radishes and cucumber from my OurFoodStore order form last week (a test run), and a hefty stew of smoked trout, haddock, and cod, all fished or inland farmed here in NS.

If you’d like to read a bit more about the project, or check our some of the excellent resource materials (great videos, papers, and websites), please have a peek at theKTGE blog. There may be opportunities to continue the project into the winter if any of you’d like to get involved.

Finally here’s a few photos of familiar Townhouse faces doing their thing at the Chisholm Park Artist’s and Artisan’s Fair this past Friday night. this is promising to be a great bi-weekly summer event!


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