Petunia & The Minimalist Jug Band, Sep. 9

Tuesday, Sept. 9th, 9pm, $10

Petunia - 2 - 300 dpi-BW - 8-5x11

 I have had the pleasure of seeing these two Vancouver based musicians perform together several times now, and I can assure you, it is not a show to be missed! Both performers conjure up times and places far away from our own as if they’re in direct contact with ghosts of bygone eras. Petunia’s style is a wicked blend of country-folk, cowboy-ballads, hillbilly holler-rock, and backwoods yodelling. Think Jimmie Rodgers, swinging country rock like Ray Condo & the Ricochets, or Leon Redbone gone rockabilly. And yet, despite the conscious referencing of the past and the whole cowboy thing, it’s not just a schtick–Petunia’s musical chops and deft songwriting mean the show never devolves into a sideshow act, and the tunes stay with you. In fact, if you pick up the albums like I did, you’ll regularly find them on repeat. The addition of humorous, beatnik style spoken word & washtub bass from The Minimalist Jugband contributes to create a wonderfully surreal vacation from quotidian life.  I promise you, Antigonish has never seen the likes!

“Every once in a while, you stumble into a bar or a pub, or around a street corner and the unexpected hits you. Something so good, powerful and chilling that you don’t know what the hell to do other than hoot, holler and yell for more. This exact occurence happened to me Saturday night.” 

“With his lonesome-whippoorwill yodel and Eisenhower-threads, Petunia conjured up the ghost of the late Hank Williams. He has a unique, surreal style all of his own…His performances have been likened to an Avant-Country night club scene from a David Lynch movie! When Petunia yodels, the crowd just about levitates on a cloud of barely disguised hysteria.” 

These are just a few of the things that have been said and written about Petunia and his music, from the NY Post to London, England. 

Danceable, romance-able and haunting …hillbilly-flavoured-swing inflected-ragtime-goodtime -thunderously rolling-one-of-a-kind-you-don’t-want-to- miss-this-sort-of-a-show. 

Do you want to miss this show? (from the website)


Also – coming up:

The Donald MacLennan Quartet,  Tuesday, September, 16, 9pm $10

Jazz manouche – gyspsy swing!


Donald MacLennan – violin

Mike Dalton – guitar

Ronald Hynes – bass

Graham Scott – accordion, melodica


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