Ray Bonneville at The Townhouse

Tuesday, October 7, 9pm   $20
Tickets available now!

Hi folks, the long wait is over! We’re so excited for this show, we can hardly stand it. From the interest we’ve gotten the last few months, I doubt we’re alone. Tickets are now available!

How to get them:

Please call the pub (902) 863-2248 after 4pm, or reply to this email to reserve your tickets.

Tickets are $20 and must be paid for in cash, by Sunday, Oct. 5.
Any tickets not paid for by closing on Sunday will be made available to the public.

Although ticket holders only will be allowed in after a certain hour, seating is first come first served. So we recommend you come in early and have a meal in order to reserve the best seats.

****Please note:

1. Although we are redesigning the dining room for the event in an effort to improve sight lines for everyone, and we have bought a new PA system to improve the sound quality, we can’t guarantee that everyone will have a perfect view. As mentioned before, seating will be first come first served, so the earlier you come the better!

2. We have 2 separate licenses within the pub. The front half is a lounge license, one can drink and/or eat, and there is no requirement to do one or the other. The dining room is under a restaurant license – this is the only way we’re allowed to have minors in the pub  at all. Our licensing requires that anyone sitting in the dining room before 9pm must be eating in order to have an alcoholic beverage. We’re not trying to scam anyone – them’s the rules!

Okay, this is surely going to be a show to remember – so make sure you’re here!

Rose & Terry

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