Coming up at The Townhouse!



1st ever Public Screening of the 2012 Lilly Awards!
Any friends of Miss Lilly Carty, who we are celebrating on her 32nd birthday today, are invited to joins (sorry for the short notice!) for a screening of a short movie made of the awards ceremonies held in honour of her 30th birthday in 2012. Please join us between 4 and 4:20, as she will be arriving at 4:30. There will be cake!

Sunday Roast: Bacon & cauliflower stuffed lamb, croquette potatoes, cabbage & navy beans. Ready for 5pm!

Guest tap: Crossing Muddy Waters Brown from SeaLevel Brewing in Port William

Sunday Session: Irish music from 6:30 pm, no cover+ Shepherd’s Pie is on the menu tonight!

Coming up…

Want to invest in the future of NS??? Join Linda Best and the Farmworks Investment Co-op for an info session. Find out more about community investment funds, and all the amazing food and farm businesses that Farmworks have helped launch, including some exciting new projects in the works…
Monday, Nov. 24, 7pm Maritime Inn

Saturday, November 29 – closed for private function until 9pm

Wednesday, December 3 – closed for private function until 9pm

Monday, December 8 – Townhouse Trivia, 9pm All are welcome, teams of 4, no cell phones!

Thursday December 11 – Modern Grass Swingin’ Christmas show,featuring Jennah Barry, details to follow!

Tuesday, December 16 – Print Preview: Non-fiction, edition, 9pm. A writer’s cafe/spoken word event. Details to follow.

Don’t forget:

Every Sunday, live Irish traditional music, form 6:30pm, no cover!

Every Thursday: Live Jazz from 9pm featuring a rotating cast of Stfx Jazz students, no cover!

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