Townhouse Closing for 10 Days


Just a reminder that the Townhouse will be closing on Friday, April 3rd, for 10 days. We will re-open Tuesday April 14th.

That means this is your last chance for a Sunday Roast and the Irish music session for 2 whole weeks!  And it’s gonna be a good one – Chef Buckley will be braising Dave Tellum’s Ashdale, Antigonish Co. raised pork shoulder with apples & red wine. The Townhouse Session band should be out in full force, so come join us for a lovely evening of traditional Irish music and local food!

We’re very sorry to be abandoning you for 10 whole days, and regret any inconvenience, excessive thirst, or craft beer withdrawal symptoms it may engender. We’re serious about sustainability – which means more than how we source our food and drink, but about making sure the business itself is sustainable over time. That means keeping an eye on our people-power consumption – making sure we don’t burn our staff or ourselves right out. Although it may be hard to believe looking out on a generous blanket of fresh snow, our busiest season – the brilliant, blessed, Nova Scotian summer – is just around the corner. We need everyone rested and ready to make it our best one yet!

In the meantime, you can find Big Spruce at the Winter Farmer’s Market, Uncle Leo’s at their brewery in Lyon’s Brook, some Boxing Rock, Propeller, and Garrison ales at the NSLC, and Granite ales in Halifax. If anyone needs Carin’s home phone number for a chat, or an invite to Chef Buckley’s for dinner just let me know….

Terry and I are off to the UK on Tuesday evening, but the rest of our awesome gang will keep the Townhouse doors open up until Good Friday. So there’s tonight, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings to get in and get your fix!

We’ll try to post updates of our “research” in Oxford and walking pub to brewery to pub to inn through the Cotswolds on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram during the closure, so stay tuned…

Thanks to all of you for your continued and generous support – we’ll be very happy to see you all again Tuesday, April 14th!

*N.B. – Wednesday, April 15th, we’ll be hosting the Music Dept.’s end of year dinner and social from 6-10pm.


Rose & Terry

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