3 GREAT SHOWS! Some fabulous retro inspired sounds for this most nostalgic of seasons – the dying days of summer and beginning of fall…


August 29 – Petunia & The Minimalist Jug Band (BC)

September 12 – The Urban Surf Kings (Halifax)

September 29 – The Boxcar Boys (TO)


We’re looking forward to welcoming Petunia and his pal The Minimalist Jug Band back to the townhouse this Saturday. Petunia brings a remarkable polish and a strange, melancholic, almost otherworldly quality to his unusual brand of cowboy folk/country swing. Al, the MJB, offers an equally charming and slightly demented, altogether countrified take on beat poetry. Together they form a rickety bridge between the charms of the old world and the peculiarities of the very modern, and put on a wonderful show!

THE URBAN SURF KINGS, Saturday, Sep. 12, 9pm, $10

Well, their first visit provided a rip-roaring show for the appreciative crowd at the Townhouse (featuring a thrilling guest performance from our young Scottish bartender DJ who they got to play guitar for Wipe Out). We’ve no doubt their second show will be just as scintillating. This super tight, instrumental trio have been performing since the late 90s and will be just coming off a hot & sweaty European summer tour. They’ll bring the beach and the waves, and a hint of Euro-trash excess with them! As Terry and I are huge fans of 60s surf legends The Ventures, Link Wray & Dick Dale, & Canada’s own 90s surf rockers Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet, it’s super exciting to bring such high calibre surf music back to town. Surf’s up, dude.

THE BOX CAR BOYS, Tuesday Sep. 29, 9pm, $10

We are really looking forward to bringinig a brand new gang of super talented musicians to town for the first time this fall – the Box Car Boys bring to life a charming variety of vintage jazz – a little bit Dixie-land, a little bit New Orleans-y, a little bit gypsy/Klezmer, and lot of fun.

“Their performances are joyous acoustic celebrations featuring 6 inimitable musicians on clarinet, sousaphone, fiddle, trombone, accordion and washboard. Their debut album “Don’t Be Blue” placed them on the EJazzNews list of Best Canadian Jazz Bands and their sophomore release “Rye Whiskey” earned them a nomination for Instrumental Group of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards (2013).” – from their website 

Don’t miss these great shows!

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