Monday is our first ever Vinyl Night! Saturday it’s the Blues!


Calling all vinyl enthusiasts!!!!

Monday, Nov. 16 – D-side on the B-side, 9pm

We’re super excited for this last minute event. We’ve been thinking about setting up our turntable downstairs for a while now, so when the chance came to have Michael Louis Johnson​ (of the Lemon Bucket Orkestar) host his famous & long running “D-side on the B-side” night (Mondays at the Communist’s Daughter in Toronto) right here at The Townhouse, we’re jumping at it!

Johnson, who played Immaculata hall last night with the Lemon Bucket Orkestar (and what a show!!!), will be in Antigonish this Monday so we’ve invited him to host a special edition of D-Side on the B-side here at The Townhouse!
How it works:
You are invited to bring your favourite vinyl, (LPs or 45s), we listen to the A-side, then we D-side on the B-side. We vote with a show of hands for the B-side, or the Mystery. The Mystery being the next record in the stack. Records get played in the order they come in the door. (always present your 2 or 3 records upon arrival). Everybody gets one record played before anyone gets two records played. DO NOT CALL OUT FOR YOUR RECORD during the arguments, as once we’ve heard the name of your record it is no longer a mystery and will be STRICKEN FROM THE STACK.
d-side on the b-side
Johnson’s TIP: personal arguments of why this record is so important to you are way more effective than a presentation on the history of the artist.
Starts at 9pm. Hope you can join us! If it goes well we may start running our own regular event!

Morgan Davis brings some Saturday Night Blues!

Saturday, Nov. 21st, 9pm  $10 at the door

Townhouse favoUnknownurite, veteran of the road, and Juno award winner, Morgan Davis is back in town this Saturday night! Join us for a night of hot guitar, cool blues, Davis’s witty songwriting and maybe even a few great covers (think Chuck Berry or Stomping Tom!). Show starts at 9pm, so come early, grab a bite and save yourself the best seats in the house!

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