JUNE: Live music, open Mondays, SUDS Club update

Kim & Veda1. ALERT: EXCELLENT SHOW TONIGHT! We have some SUPER-HIGH CALIBRE  musicians coming through town tonight (JUNE 6)! KIM BARLOW & VEDA HILLE  – don’t miss these 2 Canadian folk legends, playing a double bill at The Townhouse tonight! 8pm start time, $10 at the door!


AL TUCK – Tuesday, June 14, 9pm, $10 at the door. One of our very favourite songwriters of all time, the quixotic PEI troubadour is in town for his annual visit. Come see why so many Canadian musicians consider him an unsung hero!
“I feel like we have our own living legend. And he’s alive, he’s out on tour… everyone in their right mind should just go sit and listen. He weaves slow stories from the infinite wide range of things that usually stick in the rest of our throats. We’re lucky he’s got the words and he’s sharing them.” – Feist

THE BOXCAR BOYS – Thursday, June 16, 9pm, $10 at the door. This awesome group are back for a second visit  – 

The Boxcar Boys create their distinct and energetic sound by weaving together a captivating bevy of folk traditions, Dixieland jazz and Klezmer, all performed with a good time New Orleans spirit. Their shows are joyous acoustic celebrations featuring 6 inimitable musicians on clarinet, tuba, fiddle, trombone, accordion and washboard. Their debut album “Don’t Be Blue” placed them on the EJazzNews list of Best Canadian Jazz Bands and their sophomore release “Rye Whiskey” earned them a nomination for Instrumental Group of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards (2013).Their diverse and innovative sound has brought the band to a wide variety of venues and festivals including The WayHome Festival, The Toronto Jazz Festival, The Deep Roots Festival, Blissfest, The Blue Skies Folk Festival and The Ashkenaz Klezmer Festival. 

The band’s third album, Cicada Ball, was recorded in Ken Whiteley’s studio in Toronto, and launched in September 2015 to a sold out crowd at The Burdock Hall. The band supported the album with a successful tour of the East Coast, receiving national airplay on CBC and topping campus radio charts for folk and jazz.  The Boxcar Boys continue to bring their lively show to audiences of all ages across the country and abroad.

3. NOW OPEN MONDAYS / 7 DAYS A WEEK FROM 4PM. Tonight’s excellent show kicks off our summer season, we’re back to 7 days a week, trying out new summer menu items, and getting ready to put the patio up!

4. SUDS CLUB UPDATE: As you may know, The Townhouse got off the ground with the help of a Community Supported Restaurant (CSR) funding model. It has been very successful from our point of view, and we have been asked to speak about this innovative crowd funding model at several conferences and events over the years. The SUDs Club is our name for the group of really fantastic people who came together to help us start The Townhouse, way back in early 2012, by purchasing “subscriptions”  – basically buying their meals in advance to help us come up with the start-up capital to launch the pub. They have been cashing in these subscriptions at a rate of $25/month for the last 4 years. This month, June 2016, marks the last month of SUDS Club subscriptions! However, we are granting an extra 2 months to use up any spare coupons – you can bring in any un-used coupons throughout July & August. Max of 2 or $50 redeemed per visit.

We’re working on plans for a major SUDS Club celebration & Thank You party/Townhouse birthday party at the end of the month/first week of July. And, we are hoping to launch a 2nd SUDS Club campaign this fall – another series of subscription sales to help launch the next phase of The Townhouse – including an expansion of the brewery!!! We already have a few tweaks to the structure in mind and several valuable lessons learned, but we’ll be reaching out to all of you who participated in the first round for your feedback on how you feel the model worked for you.  Thank you, and stay tuned!

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