St. Patrick’s Day & incredible spring music line-up!

Although we’re often mistaken for one, we have never claimed to be an Irish Pub. True, I’m a Murphy, and my father’s family boarded a boat in Cobh, Co. Cork, to emigrate to Nova Scotia in the 60s. And Terry grew up in a place called Irish town in Newfoundland. But ours is just a cozy little, non-denominational pub – inspired by the classic public houses of Ireland, yes – but also by those excellent pubs found in Scotland and England.

However, the Irish session we host every Sunday evening is a true highlight of the week for us, and so many of our regulars. And this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re happy to host our very own Townhouse Session Players for an extra-special session. They’ll be starting at 6:30pm, and singing lots of traditional Irish songs, as well as the incredible instrumental tunes they’re getting well famous for. The kitchen are working on a bunch of Irish inspired specials for your pleasure, and we’ll be pouring creamy pints of Terry’s dry Irish Stout all night. However, please rest assured – THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO GREEN BEER HERE!

Townhouse session players
The Session players after recording their debut album, A Sunday Session, in 2016 – it is a fundraiser for the Antigonish Foodbank that has made over $10,000 so far!

The song session will also kick off an incredible spring full of excellent music coming to us from near and far! Check out the line-up below and mark your calendars! Details for each show will be announced in due time.

***COMING UP IN 2018***

Mar 24 – Reggae Night with Won-Love Soundsystem (DJ Agassou Jones)

Mar 27 – Saltwater Hank & Danny Bell (Bluegrass & old-timey folk, BC)

April 7 – Morgan Davis (Classic blues with occasional cigar box guitar, NS)

April 14 – 2pm – Squawking Crows Poetry Collective Reading (Janette Fecteau, Anne Simpson, Stacy Doiron)

April 17 – Zachary Lucky (thoughtful country/folk, SK)

April 21 – Bad Luck Woman & Her Misfortunes (fiesty, greasy blues/R&B, full band, TO)

May 5 – The Vaudevillains (Vintage-obsessed ragtime trio, ON)

May 12 – Rosalind MacPhail (flute loops & film, NL)

May 15 – Jerry Leger & Graham Nicholas (folk-rocky/Americana, TO)

May 26 – Buck Tingley & The Hard Looking tickets (swinging blues/rockabilly attitude, NS)

May 29 – Bird City (Indie-folk-banjo-tunes, ON)

June 2 – Christina Martin (Americana x Euro-pop? NS)

June 5 – Roxanne Potvin & Nick Zubeck (Roots/blues/folk/post-jazz, ON)

June 26 – Thomas Stacjer & Dave Archibald (sad cowboy/indie baseball rock, ON/NS)


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