Old-timey folk from BC tonight, Easter Hours, upcoming shows!


Stories from the Northwest tonight at 9pm!

Don’t miss tonight’s performers, Saltwater Hank & Danny Bell, two musicians coming to us all the way from Northern BC, for an evening of Old-Timey – Folk music! Cover will be $10 or pay what you can!
(See video and all the awesome upcoming shows at bottom of message!)

Saltwater Hank (Prince George, BC)
Historically speaking, many have come and gone before us without broad notice, despite having made significant impacts during their lives. These are the stories that Saltwater Hank sinks his teeth into, spinning them into timeless folk songs with a penchant for a jig. Born in Prince Rupert, BC and a member of the Gitga’at community, Tsimshian folk artist Saltwater Hank resurrects stories of the land, loss and absurd circumstance and shines them through a sepia lens, witnessing ageless characters with hearts and lives on the line.

Saltwater Hank’s debut album, Stories From the Northwest, is a recording built upon the influence of Hanks before him. Saltwater Hank’s father Henry (also known as Hank) was his first and most influential exposure to music, and instilled in him a deep curiosity and love for the craft. From his earliest memories of gingerly strumming his father’s guitar strings, to hearing him, his grandfather and uncles perform the songs of Hank Williams Sr. and other country favourites, the influence of these formative experiences is clear when listening to Saltwater Hank.
Recorded reel-to-reel in the basement of a church in Prince George, BC with some of the province’s best players, Stories From the Northwest is a collection of expertly played tunes with a nostalgic familiarity and a progressive tone. Recruiting Danny Bell and Amy Blanding (fellow members of retired folk-rock project, Black Spruce Bog), to accompany him on the album along with other esteemed Northern artists Naomi Kavka, Big Fancy, Brin Porter and Chloe Nakahara, Saltwater Hank built a sound unique to the Northern rustlings of the Cariboo region. Sustained by quality espresso, Naomi’s famous deer stew and some canned sockeye salmon from the traditional fishing grounds of his family on the Northwest Coast, Saltwater Hank and his crew came together to record Stories From the Northwest all in one night. Together not only as musical cohorts but as friends too, the album portrays their chemistry and camaraderie, all captured through a single ribbon microphone, true to the methods of eras gone by.

web: www.saltwaterhank.com
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82r052QG5o8
listen: https://saltwaterhank.bandcamp.com/

Danny Bell Music:
Danny Bell’s songs are pure & simple, sweeping superfluity off of the table so we can stay near the filthy ground. They celebrate the beauty and sorrow of everyday life, in good humour.

“Danny Bell’s lyrics are so real they are irrefutable, undeniable, so honest and powerful and touching.” – Scott Dunbar

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdVQyhk-PGo

Please note:
We will be OPEN Easter Friday and Saturday,
but CLOSED Easter Sunday & Monday.


***COMING UP IN 2018***

April 7 – Morgan Davis
(Classic blues with occasional cigar box guitar, NS)

April 14 – 2pm – Squawking Crows Poetry Collective Reading (Janette Fecteau, Anne Simpson, Stacy Doiron)

April 17 – Zachary Lucky (thoughtful folk/country from SK)

April 21 – Bad Luck Woman & Her Misfortunes
(fiesty, greasy blues/R&B, full band, TO)

May 5 – The Vaudevillains (Vintage, ragtime trio, ON)

May 12 – Rosalind MacPhail (flute loops & film, NL)

May 15 – Jerry Leger & Graham Nicholas
(folk-rocky/Americana from TO)

May 26 – Buck Tingley & The Hard Looking tickets
(swinging blues/rockabilly attitude, NS)

May 29 – Bird City (Indie-folk-banjo-tunes, ON)

June 2 – Christina Martin (Americana x Euro-pop? NS)

June 5 – Roxanne Potvin & Nick Zubeck
(Roots/blues/folk/post-jazz, ON)

June 9 – Terry Gillespie (blues/soul/reggae, ON)

June 26 – Thomas Stacjer & Dave Archibald
(sad cowboy/indie baseball rock, ON/NS)

June 30 – Gabriel Minnikin (cosmic country/folk/Americana, NS)



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