Welcome to Caitlin & Ryan!



We’d like to introduce a young couple you’ll be seeing a lot more of around here – Caitlin (MacFarlane) Shimozawa, who grew up here in town, and her husband, Ryan Shimozawa. Things have magically fallen into place over the last month or so, and they have packed up their lives in Vancouver, moved to Antigonish, and will become the new owners of The Townhouse on June 15!

It may come as a surprise to some that we’re selling our business. Terry and I are really, really proud of the Townhouse. We’ve loved getting to know so many new people, and have developed a fierce appreciation for the tremendously supportive Antigonish community – from our much loved regulars and SUDS club members, to our wonderful local suppliers, the other downtown business people we’ve gotten to know, the tourists who land here from all over the world, and especially all the incredible people (students, locals, blow-ins) who have given their time to be part of the Townhouse crew over the years. We’ve always used the Community Supported Pub moniker as it described our start-up funding model, but it really couldn’t be more accurate a description of our experience running the place. We feel tremendously lucky to have had you all as co-creators of the Townhouse – your presence and camaraderie are what’s given this place it’s unique character. 

However, Terry and I have decided we’re ready for a change of pace and lifestyle. We’ve put everything we had into this place, and it’s grown so much over the years (we’ve had 28 employees for the last several years!). Anyone in the industry can tell you what a complex, ever-changing, and all-consuming beast a restaurant can be, and coming in with relatively little experience, there was a definitely a steep learning curve for us! It has made such a huge difference to feel that our efforts, however imperfect, have been appreciated by so many of you. This past year was our best year yet, and we’d like to reassure you all that The Townhouse itself isn’t going anywhere! 

Caitlin and Ryan truly love food and drink, have a strong connection to the area, a tonne of great restaurant management experience, and after getting to know them a bit, we feel so great about leaving the Townhouse in their capable hands! They have been living and working in Vancouver’s lively and diverse restaurant scene for well over a decade, and we feel they’re the perfect fit for this place – they have the right skill set, great ideas, and the right kind of energy to take the Townhouse to the next level. Plus we really like them and we know you will too!

The transition will be gradual – Ryan and Caitlin have started working with us over the last few days and are really looking forward to meeting you all! So if you see them next time you’re in, please introduce yourselves and say Hi! We know you’ll show them the genuine welcome and same generous support you’ve shown us over the last 6 years!

Yours, with an awful lot of respect and gratitude, 

Rose & Terry

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