We’re proud to source our food from great local and NS suppliers! We buy veggies, fruit, and herbs in season from Antigonish Co. market gardeners: Seabright Gardens, Casey VandeSande, Bethany’s Garden Apprentice Program, Quinn Farms, Calvin Venedam, Overmars Farms, and more.

We source pastured beef, lamb, and pork from Vacheresse Meats (an awesome family-run, local butcher shop), free range chicken from Crossroads Valley Farm, Cabot Oysters from Havre Boucher Seafoodsorganic cheese from Knoydart Farms, honey from Cornect Family Farms, maple syrup from Haveracre’s Farms, wild blueberries from McLennan’s GlenWild & Blue Farms – all in Antigonsh Co.!

We bring in oyster and shiitake mushrooms from a great new grower Pura Vida Mushrooms (Pictou Co.), oysters from Mabou & Wolfe Island (CB) and North Nova (Pictou Co.), inland-farmed salmon & trout from Sustainable Blue (Centre Burlington), Advocate Harbour, and Northern Harvest (NB),  Digby scallops, Ship Harbor mussels, sausages from The Pork Shop, and wild-caught and sustainably raised fish through Afishionado Fishmongers (Halifax).


Changes each week, always locally raised meats, ready for 5pm Sundays, live Irish music from 6:30. Just a note – we tend to be full before 6pm and people tend to longer for the music, so if you’re keen, consider coming in early (or possibly later – after 8 or so, as the kitchen is open until 10, and the musicians are usually still cooking too!


*V = vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free, NUTS! = nut allergy alert

**We try to offer several gluten free options and note most ingredients in our dishes, but please let our servers know right away if you have any serious allergies. Although we try to prevent any cross contamination, we have a small kitchen and bake our own breads and desserts in house & thus cannot guarantee everything is completely free from trace amounts of gluten or other allergens.


Hot Curried Nuts (V, GF*)    5

Spanish Tortilla  A hearty wedge of potato & onion omelette, made with olive oil (V, GF*)     5

Knoydart Aged Cheddar Chutney, soda bread (V)  6.5

Artichoke & Olive Tapenade Baguette (V)     5

Pork & Fennel Sausage Rolls  With grainy honey mustard and greens       10

Blue Cheese Toast  Red onion & fennel marmalade (V)    6.5

Mushroom Toast Pura Vida’s oyster mushrooms, leeks, garlic, goat’s cheese, rosemary & thyme (V)   7.5


Local/Atlantic Oysters (when available) 

Raw on the half shell, with sesame-lime mignonette (ask server for lemon or hot sauce)

each    3,   1/2 dozen   16.5,  1 dozen   30

Bacon Wrapped Scallops  Vacheresse’s local  bacon, Digby scallops marinated in maple & soy, with maple-whiskey sauce      14

East Coast Mussels (when available) 1 lb East Coast mussels steamed in NS craft beer, with garlic, bacon & parsley, served with house made bread     12



Hot Smoked Salmon & Gravlax Board  Pickled onion, cucumbers, dressed greens, dill cream, brown soda bread (GF*O)     19

Townhouse Tapas  Spanish tortilla, artichoke & olive tapenade, Knoydart organic cheddar, dressed greens, baguette  (V, GF*O)   14

Bombay Hummus  Chickpeas, ginger, cashews & Indian spices, greens, crispy seed crackers, veggie sticks   (Vegan, GF*, Nuts)        12

Mexican Pizza  Chorizo, black-bean spread, old cheddar, on flour tortilla, topped with fresh house made salsa & greens    13

V*/Vegetarian option: Sub avocado


Red Chowder  Tomato & tarragon, haddock, house smoked salmon, Digby scallops, topped with whipped cream & arugula oil, with brown soda bread (GF* option)

cup    11,  bowl      14

Georgeville Lobster Chowder  – Please allow 25 minutes for this incredibly rich chowder to be prepared from scratch. Lobster, bacon, haddock, Digby scallops, house smoked salmon, heavy cream, with brown soda bread (GF* option)   18


Roasted Squash Salad Various local squashes, roasted red onion, quinoa, mixed greens, curried nuts, cranberry goat’s cheese, toasted cumin and coriander, maple-citrus vinaigrette  (V, GF*, NUTS)      16         1/2 size    11

add bacon  3,   OR  add smoked salmon 

Thai Beef and Noodle Salad  5.5oz Thai chilli marinated sirloin, grilled and thinly sliced, maple-sesame rice vermicelli noodles, dark, leafy greens, shredded veggies, cilantro, ginger, lime and local almond butter dressing (GF* soy)       17

sub avocado (V),   OR   sub smoked salmon  3   




Lobster Rolls Two buttered rolls, stuffed with fresh local lobster, diced celery, red onion, parsley, lime-mayo, local greens & pickled onion.  Choice of green salad or Sriracha slaw.         19

Classic Cheese Burger  Local, pasture raised, 6oz beef patty- Chef Thomas’s own blend of sirloin, brisket & short-rib – topped with cheddar cheese, tomato, local greens, house pickles and roasted garlic aioli. Choice of green salad or spicy sriracha slaw.    15

Thai Chicken Curry  Free-range local chicken, from Crossroads Valley Farm, and veggies in a house made green curry paste with coconut milk, fresh basil & cilantro. (GF, dairy free)     20

Monk’s Curry  Vegetarian curry with chickpeas and veggies in a house made green curry paste with coconut milk, fresh basil & cilantro.  (Vegan, dairy free)    16

Spicy Veggie Chilli  Black bean and chickpea chili with tomatoes, chipotles & jalapenos, and Steinhart vodka, topped with corn chips & green onions, on brown rice  (Vegan)      13

ADD: side veg 3, avocado  4,  sour cream 1,  aged cheddar  2, chorizo   3

Green Chili Mac & Cheese  Penne, green chillis & garlic, whit e cheddar, cream, & choice of salad, slaw or pickled veggies  (V)      15

ADD: avocado  4, blue cheese   4, bacon   3, chorizo   3, lobster   10


All desserts are made from scratch, in house.

Polish Cheesecake  (aka Sernik)  A Syperek family recipe, rich vanilla cheesecake in light pastry, served warm with blueberry coulis ……………… 7

Creme Brulée  Flavours change from time to time, served with meringue (gluten free)……………………………………….……….  7

Annapolis Valley Apple Tart  NS apples and cinnamon, vegan pastry, maple sauce, and:

Drunken Haskap Berry Sorbet (Vegan) 

or Brown Bread Ice-cream (*not – vegan!) ……….…  8

Chocolate & Amaretto Bread Pudding Made with our own baguette & topped with salted caramel sauce  ……………………………………….……………..  7


Classic Hot Toddy (1.5oz) 

with fresh lemon, honey, cloves, cinnamon stick …………..  7.39

Choose your booze: Jamesons Irish whiskey/Ironworks Bluenose dark rum (NS)/Scotch – Teachers or Famous Grouse

Irish Coffee (1oz) Javablend’s Fog City coffee, Jamesons Irish whiskey, lightly whipped cream ……………………………………………….  8.26

Steinhart Maple Coffee & Cream (1oz) Javablend’s Fog City coffee, Steinhart maple vodka, lightly whipped cream, nutmeg ……………………………………..  9.13

Boozy Coffee (1oz) Javablend’s Fog City coffee with your choice of Bailey’s, Amaretto, or Drambuie  (ask to add whip, + $1)……………  7.39

Or have a look at our dark beers and single malts.

OR PERHAPS…. finish your evening with an Irish Coffee, Steinhart Maple Vodka, or one of our selection of single malt scotches?

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