Ruffled Feathers -Mike & Tricia Ward run Crossroads Valley Farm, in the Ohio River valley, south of Antigonish, and have been our primary chicken supplier for the past two years. They’re farm focuses on raising non-medicated & GMO-free, grass fed, free range chicken. Mike and Tricia are dedicated to ideals of local food, sustainability, and health for all, and this year will be expanding their operation to include an on-site, provincially inspected abbattoir.

Vacheresse Meats– Local, grass fed beef, lamb, pork. Since the 1950s, the Vacheresse family has specialized in selling local beef and pork. To ensure a high quality product, they buy the beef directly from the farmer and prepare the cuts from quarters hung in their own cooler. They know where the meat comes from and how to treat it. Vacheresse Meats also carries fresh produce, homemade pies and pastries, and other seasonal delicacies.

Havre Boucher Oysters– High quality, choice oysters grown naturally via bottom culture methods, from nutrient rich waters of Havre Boucher, Antigonish County by the Mattie family. “Bottom culturing” is the closest method to growing oysters like wild oysters. Although farmed oysters do not set on a surface like wild spat, if spread on the bottom, they have the same grow-out pattern as their native cousins since they are filtering the same water and living on the same bottom that affects their shell color and rigidity.

Knoydart Farms cheese– We are very lucky to have Nova Scotia’s pioneers of organic dairy farming and cheese production so nearby! Angela, Adam and Frazer Hunter’s certified organic farm and cheese making facility overlooks the coastline of the Northumberland Strait halfway between New Glasgow and Antigonish. We have been buying their delicious aged Knoydart cheddar since the day we opened!

 Seabright Gardens– Seabright Gardens is a small market garden in Harbour Centre run by Susie Murphy & Will Frankland.The two met studying permaculture in Ireland, and principles of sustainability and working with natural cycles guide their operation. Their produce, herbs, flowers and teas are naturally grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They sell at the Antigonish Farmers Market and run a small Community Supported Agriculturesubscription program.

Casey Vandesande– In 1965, Casey and his wife Toosje purchased and began operating Sanhaven Farms. As a dairy farmer, Casey was known for being progressive in his adoption of new methods and technology. He was presented with the Dairy Award of Excellence an impressive 11 times. Casey furthered his commitment to dairy production when he served as President of the Nova Scotia Milk Producers Association. In retirement, he began a market garden with his grandson and he continues to provide assistance to Sanhaven Farm, which he sold in 2001 to son David and his wife Jennifer.You can find Casey’s Vegetables at the Antigonish Farmer’s Market.

MacLennan’s Glen– Registered naturally grown vegetables, blueberries, (and in the past the moste delicious duck and rabbit) rasied  in Frasers Mills by Carin and Scott Goldsberry.

Bethany Market Gardens– Bethany Garden Apprenticeship Programis a unique opportunity for new farmers to have access to land, resources, and experienced mentors (David Greenberg) as they start small-scale gardening. The Sisters of Saint Martha are the landowners and program sponsors for the Bethany Garden Apprenticeship Program. The purpose of the program is to provide the opportunity for an Apprentice Gardener to learn about small-scale, organic gardening and the best practices for sustainable food production in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

Quinn Farms– John and Bonnie Quinn are known for their blueberries, greenhouse tomatoes, sweet corn, lettuce and basil. Their farm is part of Lochaber Growers – an emerging farming cooperative based in Lochaber Valley, Nova Scotia. Situated at the head of the lake, it consists of five individual small farms, that have joined forces to produce a weekly Food Box, or CSA (community supported agriculture), as well as supply the Antigonish Farmers Market, each Saturday, and other local markets and restaurants.

Cornect Family Farms honey– Cornect Family Farm is a family business, headed by Margaret Cornect, whose vision is to provide the highest quality of honey and honey products to markets. This is done by keeping true to its roots of always putting the health of the bees and the environment first. They make sure each products is of artisan quality and delivered in a way that is responsible to the environment while supporting other local businesses.Find the Cornects and their many great products (honey lemonade!) and beeswax candles at the Antigonish Farmer’s Market.

Haveracre’s maple syrup– A maple syrup producer since 1999, Jason and Nicole and their family produce high quality syrup available in a variety of sizes and maple butter. Maple season is short and unpredictable – usually between early March and late April, lasting about four to six weeks. Once at a mature age (30-40 years), the trees may produce sap for 100 years or more. Each season, the trees are tapped in a slightly different spot than the previous year. This preserves the health of the tree and enforces sustainable growth. Tapping does not affect the growth of the trees. At Haveracres Maple Farm, a vacuum tubing system is used to collect the sap, as opposed to the traditional bucket system. This greatly reduces the labour, plus creates a more sanitary environment for the collection process. Over 35 miles of blue tubing connects the thousands of taps, spread-out over Jason’s 125-acre operation.

Wild and Blue– Wild & Blue Farms is owned and operated by John and Charlotte Mattie in Monastery, NS. They sell wild blueberries, blueberry juice and jelly



 Pura Vida Mushrooms– Alyssa Biggers started her small business growing gorumet mushrooms – Oyster, King Oyster, Shiitake, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms and spawn – in Trenton, Pictou Co. She has been adding new facets to the business in the last year or so, including mushroom growing workshops, and production of various tasty micro-greens. Find Alyssa at farmer’s markets, restaurants and retail shops across Pictou, Antigonish, and Colchester Counties, and select locarions in Halifax.

The Pork Shop– Over two decades of offering the finest pork products has earned them a world-class reputation for quality. They produce over 70 products, including smoked chops, gluten-free sausages, roasts, spiced capicola steak and more.They sell local beef, chicken, pork, jams, honey and maple products, cheese as well as pasta, olive oils, and more. We have been using their smoked bratwurst, chorizo sausage, and slab bacon since we opened.



Sam’s Point Oysters– Jeff Lee started Cape Breton’s first oyster farm, Sam’s Point Oyster Co.in Mabou Harbour, which he run with his son Clifford. They work on a lease in Mabou Harbour and use sustainable methods in growing and harvesting their oysters. Their goals are to mimic the natural process as much as possible, have the least impact in the ecosystem and focus their business within their local community.

Afishionado Sustainable Fishmonger– Sustainable, transparent and locally sourced seafood! Community-minded provider of fresh and fresh-frozen seafood dedicated to bringing low-impact fishing traditions back to the plates of consumers. Knowing the story behind the fish we sell is paramount. They follow Ocean Wise certification as their main guide, a classification that ensures responsibility to a fishery’s abundance and catch method. They also build deep relationships with the region’s small-scale, community-based fishers and aquaculturalists, and any Afishionado products that don’t have Ocean Wise certification, such as our wild Atlantic Halibut and Cod, are fished using low-impact fishing methods, such as hook and line.

Sustainable Blue – Sustainable Blue, near the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, is a Canadian producer of sustainably raised fish of the highest quality. They use proprietary aquaculture technology to operate an earth-friendly land-based recirculation fish farming operation. They’re committed to product quality, environmental responsibility, and commercial success through sustainable practices. They use technology to replicate the natural environment of the ocean, which is constant and in balance. By avoiding the fluctuations in water quality commonly associated with all other forms of aquaculture, their fish perform to the best of their natural ability. Their focus on technology is in the pursuit of quality, responsibility and success. It is also in the belief that land based aquaculture is the least intrusive solution to the depletion of wild fish stocks globally.

Digby Scallops – Our scallops are (of course!) from Digby, NS – the southern most tip of the province, and the Scallop Capital of the World! We have also been really excited to gain occasional access (through Afishianado) to Nova scotia’s newest fishery – Diver scallops! After 10 years in the works, 2017 was the first year of a very small scale, commercial diver scallop fishery. “These are commercial scuba divers who usually fish for urchins. What they’re basically doing is they are going out on a dive boat to … scallop beds, jump in the water with full scuba gear — includes a dry suit because it is mighty cold down there — and they basically just hand-forage them, one at a time and put them into dive bags,” Justin Cantafio, sustainable fisheries campaigner with the Ecology Action Centre, told CBC’s Information Morning in Halifax. The results are magnificent and we’re looking forward to getting more of these enormous, live scallops still in their beautiful shells.



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