Tues, FEB 17 – STFX French Society,  presents Acadian Music Night, 8pm 

Le Groupe Tintamarre (Le club du Français at X) will be hosting an Acadian Cultural night on Tuesday, February 17th at 8pm at The Townhouse! Because Feb. 17th is Mardi Gras, The Townhouse Kitchen has agreed to add pancakes and also tortiere to their menu that night just for the event!!
We have Mary Beth de Scène and Kayla Marchand joining us and providing us with incredible musical and artisitic talents!  Chacun est bienvenu! All are welcome! 🙂

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Wed, FEB. 18 – Townhouse Trivia night with Chad & Sarah, 9pm, Teams of 4, Beer for winners! Dinner special: Filipino Chicken Adobo.


Sat, FEB 21 – Reading: Kayleigh Trace, “Wet, Hot & Shaking: How I Learned to Talk About Sex” 4pm. We’ll be opening at 3:30 Saturday to get ready for our 4pm book launch/reading. 

Kaleigh Trace – queer, disabled, sex-educator – is touring her memoir Hot, Wet, & Shaking: How I Learned to Talk About Sex (Invisible Publishing, 2014). Hear her chronicle her journey from ignorance to bliss as she shamelessly discusses her sexual exploits, bodily negotiations and attempts at adulthood.

Kaleigh Trace’s work has appeared in The Coast, The Huffington Post, CRIT, GUTS, and on her own blog: The Fucking Facts ( As a disabled, queer, feminist, sex educator she has spoken at conferences across Canada. From her home base in Halifax, Kaleigh writes about safe and shameless sex of all kinds, for all kinds. For more info on Hot, Wet, & Shaking visit:

Kaleigh will be joined by Stacy Doiron! Doiron writes pensive poetry and infrequently does stand-up comedy. Stacy has performed at Antigonight, the town’s art after dark festival, and is a member of and scriptwriter for The Eldertree Project, a group that shares elders’ stories with the wider community. Stacy has published pieces with CV2 and the ASAP zine. Areas of passion include mental health awareness & wellness, queer liberation, filmmaking, and The X-Files. She lives & works in Antigonish.

***A note on accessibility: The Townhouse can be accessed by wheelchair, but the bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

Sun, FEB. 22 – Irish Traditional music session with The Townhouse Session Band! Sunday Roast ready after 5pm.


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