Hi all, hope you’re enjoying the shift in weather! We’re gearing up for bunch of little and not so little changes here at The Townhouse, but you’ll hear more about them later. Most importantly, we want to let you know about all the excellent musicians coming your way in the coming weeks and months. And we’re kicking it off with another edition of Print Preview, this Saturday afternoon, followed by a first visit from a hot & gritty young NS blues band, Buck Tingley & The Hard Looking Tickets! Hot on the heels of Saturday’s extravaganza, we have Toronto based songwriter, Jerry Leger, returning Wednesday evening.

Next weekend, May 6-8, STFX will be hosting convocation, therefore it will be one of those weekends that eating out in Antigonish becomes completely insane; think line-ups, booked out restaurants, wait times, etc.  as there will tonnes of out-of-towners arriving to celebrate their children making it through uni and eating out everyday. Locals, you may want to join in the raucous, celebratory fray or stay the heck home.



April 29 – 2pm – Print Preview

Join poets and storytellers in Antigonish for an afternoon celebrating the freedom to tell it like it is.

With Nanci Lee, Genevieve Lehr, Brendan Ahern, Eva Hippieheart, Susan Walsh, Tyler MacDonald, and Janette Fecteau.

Music by Jan Mackay. Hosted by Angus MacCaull.

$10 suggested minimum donation. Proceeds go to ASAP, which continues to bring the magic of the arts to Nova Scotia.


April 29 – 9pm – Buck Tingley & The Hard Looking Tickets, $10 at the door

We’re jazzed to be bringing Buck Tingley to town for his first Antigonish show! We caught this hot new blues outfit at their regular Sunday afternoon blues jam in Halifax at The Local a month or two ago. There was a lot of buzz and the place was packed, and these guys did not disappoint. Smiles plastered on everyone’s faces, toes tapping, couples dancing, musical guests dropping in on stage… Tingley’s is a young band with old souls, they may look a little rough around the edges with their rockabilly/Trailer Park Boys aesthetic – but they sure can play. Come check out some classic blues with serious chops! Not to be missed!



May 3 – Jerry Leger, 9pm, $10 at the door

There’s always been something special about Jerry Leger’s songs that few can match. It bears repeating, and is hardly an understatement, that he manages to channel the youthful vigor of Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Neil Young and Rick Danko, sometimes all within the same song. But at heart, Leger is driven by a quest to convey in his own manner the purity embedded in the grooves of the vintage rock, country and soul recordings he so dearly loves. This trait attracted early support from fellow singer/songwriters like Ron Sexsmith, and his staunchest ally, producer and label head Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies. Employing his distinctive live-off-the-floor recording approach on the new 2-record set, Nonsense And Heartache.



May 9 – Bobby Dove  9pm, $10 at the door

Bobby Dove is winning the hearts of music lovers across genres and generations with her sincere songwriting and powerful, unvarnished voice. Born in Montreal, Bobby planted her country roots picking acoustic guitar and mandolin at the legendary Wheel Club, where she found a musical mentor in the resident lap steel player Bobby Hill – a musician, singer-songwriter, historian and pioneer of Canadian country radio in the 1950’s.


Bobby Dove is a gifted artist, and a brilliant new light on the songwriting scene. Her songs speak to my heart. Her work is a link in the chain that binds the future to the past. A time traveler, Bobby’s songs meld genres with the touch of a master. I am a fan.” – Mary Gauthier

“A strong debut from a talented newcomer.” – Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs Magazine

“She invokes a young female Hank Williams with an old soul and a much better future. Thunderchild, her debut CD, is a gem!” – Richard Flohil

May 20 – Cassie Josephine & Gabe Minnikin 9pm, $15 at the door

Cassie Josephine and Gabriel Minnikin and Old Country/singer-songwriter duo from Halifax, NS. Their debut album, Flower Country, tells their story. Conceived as a split album, with Cassie’s songwriting on side A and Gabriel’s on side B, flower meets country in a project whose seeds were planted when a folk singer/songwriter and an alt-country rocker shared the same bill and are now partners in love and music.



June 3 – Christina Martin

June 10 – Aistis with Social Furniture

June 12 – New Grease Revival   CANCELLED

June 24 – Lew Phillips

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